About - indrajitsen
I picked up camera at a young age. Just like for many young kids, camera was a fascinating piece of toy for me. It was a piece of magic box that somehow produced a paper print of anything in front of me. It took many years for me to understand the real capacity of that toy - to freeze a moment, to express beauty, to capture memory, and to evoke emotion.

My life's journey took me a long way from Calcutta (Kolkata), India to San Francisco, USA, with a short sojourn in Europe. In that journey, I was fortunate to observe people, culture, architecture, and nature of different places. Many memorable moments and frames crossed my eyes and mind. While I was enjoying every moment of my journey, I was feeling an urge to catch those moments and frames for eternity. That's when I picked up my camera and lenses with a real purpose.

The last decade has seen phenomenal revolution in photography. New technology has changed every aspect of photography, from capturing to editing to sharing. Only the basic principles haven't changed, it is still all about light, composition, and subject. I have been and continue to be a student of photography all along. In the process, I have reached a level of expertise that I can offer my skill to you as a service. Working with you on a photo shoot is the most exciting and refreshing moments of my days. I continue to work full-time in a job unrelated to photography. But when it is you and me in a shoot, even though a few times in a month, I feel tremendous energy and enthusiasm to create some fantastic memorable images, while you have the greatest experience participating in it.

Thank you for your time spent on this web site. Please contact me if my work can be of any use to you.

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